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Kassel Jaeger and Akira Rabelais

Sun, Sept 14, 2014  8 PM

Location: Robert J. Hurst Family Gallery (Lower Gallery)

Join us for a special evening concert by two of today’s most innovative musicians and composers, each performing in New York for the first time. In their highly original works, Kassel Jaeger and Akira Rabelais have both radically extended the conceptual legacies of musique concreté and electroacoustic composition. 

Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached. Seating and standing room available.

In advance of Akira Rabelais and Kassel Jaeger’s upcoming concert at the Whitney Museum, curator Jay Sanders conducted a brief email interview. He engages with these two highly enigmatic sound artists to explore some of the particularities of their work, and potential links between their respective artistic practices.

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Image courtesy Kassel Jaeger. © E.R./K.J

Image courtesy Kassel Jaeger. © E.R./K.J